Selling your cell tower, ground lease, or rooftop lease puts you in control of your lease’s value while simultaneously reducing risk. A buyout enables you the freedom to allocate your capital based on your personal and financial goals.

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Rather than collecting monthly or annual rental payments over years or even decades, selling your cell tower, ground lease, or rooftop lease now enables you to receive lump-sum compensation today.

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You can use the proceeds to invest in assets with higher returns, fund retirement, support tuition, pay off your mortgage, take a dream vacation, or deploy in any manner you see fit.

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The market for cell tower, ground lease, and rooftop lease assets has never been more favorable. Valuations are experiencing all-time highs and there are no assurances that the value of your cell tower, ground lease, or rooftop lease may not decline over time.

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Wireless networks are continually evolving based on changes in demand, new technology, and carrier consolidation, amongst other factors. While your cell tower, land, or rooftop has potentially been utilized for many years, nearly all tower, ground, and rooftop leases provide existing tenant(s) with termination rights exercisable at their discretion. A buyout eliminates the risk that your lease income will be reduced or canceled in the future.